Original Service Part  Oem Pulled
Full OEM OEM Refurbished  Compatible In-Cell
Full original product from original manufacturer Used Spare parts that are taken out from original devices which are still in good shape to be used or sold. These parts have little scratches or no scratches at all.all components are from original manufacturer proffesionaly assembled by a 3rd party. Refurbished parts simply means refined, reconditioned, renovated parts. Screens which are broken and no longer sold will be reconditioned. The front glass and backlight will be replaced in this case all components are high quality copy. all the separate elements of the digitiser and the LCD are glued together. In-cell Screen provides the customer the closest Original screen experience
the screen performs perfect in touch, 3D touch, screen color, display and true tone restore.
the colours are much brighter and they have the same resolution as OEM screens.